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Athletic Performance Training Grant Presented to Ella Landry

We’re thrilled to announce that student, Ella Landry, is the recipient of the Erion Insurance Athletic Performance Training Grant! A lifelong sports enthusiast and a dedicated student at Eden high school, Ella plays travel volleyball and is a setter for the Smash Raiders in Hamilton. We’re honoured to support Ella in her pursuits as a student-athlete.

At Erion, we value the crucial connection between education and athletics for young people in our community. That’s why we created the Erion Insurance Athletic Performance Training Grant! We sponsor a student-athlete and fund their performance training by expert sport science coaches at the Iron Performance Centre.

A message from Emma:

My name is Ella Landry. I am a grade 11 student at Eden high school. I am a hard-working athlete devoted to improving my skills in order to be the best I can be. I play travel volleyball and I am a setter for the Smash Raiders in Hamilton.

I have always been a competitive person and played sports my whole life. I’ve played hockey, soccer, and participated in competitive swimming and dance. My drive quickly fell in love with the sport. I love the amount of teamwork needed for volleyball and all the ways you can help your team succeed. There are so many layers in volleyball, from having to keep your composure when it’s your serve and the score is 24-23 in the gold medal game to reading where the ball is going or knowing who needs a higher set ball or lower set ball. I love volleyball because it’s not only physically challenging, it is mentally challenging as well.

I recently switched clubs this year and my goal for the team is to finish top 10 in the province and top 15 in the country at nationals. I would also love to play volleyball post-secondary. Some schools that interest me are McMaster and Western. As for an occupation, I would love to go into Biomedical studies and become a surgeon or pediatric physician.

I’m so incredibly thankful for this grant; I cannot even put into words how much it means to me that I have been selected. I absolutely love Iron Performance and receiving this grant so I can train at IPC under scholarship until January is so amazing. The Iron Performance family has helped me to improve my physical and mental strength for the game of volleyball. I’m so thankful I get to continue training with them. Thank you so much!


Ella Landry