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Local Love: Pick-Your-Own Strawberries

As summer approaches, it's the perfect time to visit local farms and enjoy pick-your-own strawberries.

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Local Love: The Grimsby Public Art Gallery

From traditional paintings to contemporary installations, this local treasure showcases a diverse range of exhibitions, programs and workshops.

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Local Love: JP Niagara Tulip Experience

Located in the heart of Niagara, this annual event is a celebration of spring and the breathtaking beauty of tulip blooms.

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Driving into the Future with Intact Insurance’s my Drive App

Intact Insurance's revolutionary my Drive app promotes road safety and rewards responsible driving.

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Employee Feature - Hayley Bosilac

Hayley, our cheerful Receptionist and Administrator at Erion, is passionate about helping clients navigate insurance with ease.

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Local Love: The Orchid Show

The Niagara Parks Floral Showhouse is bursting with vibrant hues and delicate blooms at the first-ever annual Orchid Show!

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Protect Yourself Against Purchasing and Insuring a Stolen Re-VINned Vehicle

Let's delve into some essential steps to safeguard your investment and ensure peace of mind.

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Employee Feature - Emily Thorn

With a passion for helping others, dedicated Registered Insurance Broker Emily brings a unique perspective to the world of insurance.

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Local Love: The Mom Market Niagara

Discover the vibrant world of local entrepreneurship with The Mom Market Niagara, offering pop-up markets across the Niagara region throughout the year.

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Navigating Automobile Accidents in Ontario: The Role of an Insurance Broker

Let's explore how an Erion professional can make a significant difference in the aftermath of a collision.

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Employee Feature - Cait Polinski

We’re excited to introduce you to Cait Polinski. Cait thrives on the challenges presented by the ever-evolving insurance landscape.

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Local Love: Niagara-on-the-Lake Ghost Walks

The Niagara-on-the-Lake Ghost Walks beckon those with a taste for the eerie and spectral stories that whisper through the cobblestone streets.

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Local Love: Hotel Philco

Discover the unique charm of Hotel Philco, a family-owned boutique hotel offering individually designed theme rooms. Redefining the staycation experience in Crystal Beach!

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Employee Feature - Trinity Halagian

Meet Trinity Halagian, our vibrant Registered Insurance Broker in Personal Lines. Trinity loves exploring the ever-evolving world of insurance.

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Local Love: Lock Street Brewing Co.

This Port Dalhousie gem is a place where the community can come together to savour a cold brew, enjoy culinary delights, and join a range of events.

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Local Love: Heartland Forest

This enchanting sanctuary offers not only a respite from the urban hustle but also a vibrant community space that has been a source of joy and togetherness.

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Local Love: Fehrhaven Farms

We're excited to explore Fehrhaven Farms in Port Colborne, offering a variety of delicious seasonal fruits and vegetables, homemade jams and local honey.

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Top 9 FAQs: Insurance Explained

We understand that finding the right coverage for the things that matter to you is important. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of FAQs about insurance!

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Local Love: Jazzy Scoops Ice Cream Shop

From handcrafted waffle cones to mouthwatering flavours, this edition of our Local Love series celebrates the joy of indulging in sweet moments!

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Cassie Robinson Awarded Athletic Performance Training Grant

As a student-athlete with a great love of volleyball, Cassie has been provided with performance training at the Iron Performance Centre.

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Local Love: Crystal Beach Waterfront Supper Market

Every Thursday evening, Waterfront Park comes alive with over 12 food trucks, live music, and an opportunity to forge new connections and cherished memories.

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Employee Feature - Anne Kelly

Joining us from Reuter and Reilly, Anne is a Registered Insurance Broker who loves the challenge of finding just the right insurance coverage to perfectly fit your needs.

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Local Love: The Welland Jackfish

Erion is excited to share the unique baseball experience and electrifying atmosphere that the Welland Jackfish bring to our community.

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5 Compelling Reasons to Work with an Insurance Broker

Learn about the important ways an insurance broker can help you navigate the complex world of insurance coverage, policies and providers.

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Athletic Performance Training Grant Presented to Macy Brown

Macy Brown, an extraordinary student-athlete with a love of field hockey, has been awarded an Erion Athletic Training Grant!

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Employee Feature - Barbara Brown

Meet Barabara, one of our newest superstars! As a Customer Service Representative, Barbara loves assisting customers in making important decisions.

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Local Love: San Marco’s Ristorante

Nestled in the charming town of Port Colborne, amidst the stunning Niagara region, lies a culinary gem that captures the essence of Italy with every bite.

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Erion Joins Forces with Reuter & Reilly

We’re thrilled to announce that Reuter & Reilly Insurance Brokers has merged with Erion Insurance Group!

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Tag Recovery System

The Tag Recovery System offers a new proactive approach to auto theft that isn't affected by cellular jammers, cut wires, or snapped antennas. Do you qualify for a FREE Tag installation?

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Local Love: The Watering Can

Spirits were high, and fun was in the air as the Erion team enjoyed a wonderful lunch and workshop at The Watering Can in Vineland.

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Local Love: Anchored on Ridge Seafood Market

Calling all seafood lovers! Anchored on Ridge offers a host of delicious delights, from fresh seafood to meal kits, seasonings and freshly made side dishes.

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5 Tips to Prepare for an Ice Storm

Don't get caught in a slippery situation! We've compiled a list of 5 tips to help you be prepared for any icy weather headed your way.

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Local Love: Small Scale Farms

A food hub focusing on providing locally-sourced goods, Small Scale Farms believes in finding solutions to ensure everyone in our community has access to local foods regardless of economic status.

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Athletic Performance Training Grant Presented to Ella Landry

A dedicated Niagara student-athlete, Ella has been awarded the Erion Insurance Athletic Performance Training Grant!

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How to Protect Yourself Against Auto Theft

With auto theft on the rise in Canada, it's important to protect yourself. We've compiled some great tips to help in the prevention of your vehicle being stolen.

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Local Love: Your Farm Gate

A chef-run butcher and bakery in Ridgeway, Your Farm Gate offers high-quality, ethically and sustainably sourced meats and delicious made-from-scratch meals.

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Local Love: Fonthill Butcher and Banker Pub

Who doesn't love enjoying scrumptious food and drinks in a warm and inviting pub? This month, Erion President Scott Maskell takes us inside a Fonthill favourite.

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Free Activities in Niagara for the 2022 Holidays

Check out our list of free, family-friendly events happening throughout the Niagara Region this holiday season. There's something fun for everyone!

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Local Love: Ridgeway Farmers Market & Festivals

Supporting local by visiting farmers markets and festivals is a favourite community pastime in the Niagara Region.

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Employee Feature - Ashley Pitremont

We are so excited to welcome Personal Lines Insurance Broker, Ashley Pitremont, to the Erion team!

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The Erion Difference

When you think about insurance, what words come to mind? Easy? Helpful? Trusted? Probably not, but at Erion, we aim to give our clients exactly that.

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Local Love: Howells Family Pumpkin Farm

The air is crisp, the leaves are changing, and Erion’s Ashely is getting ready for her annual family trip to Howells Family Pumpkin Farm!

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Meet Erion President, Scott Maskell

Scott Maskell is someone you can always count on to support his colleagues, employees, family and community.

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Local Love: The Painted Ladies of Grimsby

The Painted Ladies of Grimsby are a series of cottages that create one of the most unique neighbourhoods in the Niagara Region.

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Ontario Licence Plate Renewal Updates

We wanted to make things a little easier for you with some helpful information about the updated process for renewing your licence plates.

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Local Love: The Fort Erie Race Track

When you’re looking for fun and excitement, Erion’s Kim Helsdon highly recommends the Fort Erie Race Track!

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Richardson Receives Athletic Performance Training Grant

Congratulations to Emma Richardson for being awarded the Erion Insurance Athletic Performance Training Grant!

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Local Love: Cravings by Jayne

For this month’s Local Love blog, Erion’s Nella Dushime is taking us on a trip to Cravings by Jayne, a delightful French-inspired bakery in the heart of Crystal Beach.

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8 Tips for Boating Safely

Before you head out for some summer boating fun, check out our list of tips to help you have a safe and enjoyable boating experience!

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A Fire in Grimsby: Coming Together When You Need Us Most!

When a fire broke out in a Grimbsy home, our client received service from their Erion Broker without even having to notify them!

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Local Love: Cheese Secrets

Welcome to Cheese Secrets, your family-run local artisan cheese and deli market! This Niagara-on-the-Lake favourite offers a wide variety of delicious specialty items, such as cheeses, meats, jellies, freshly baked bread and more.

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Employee Feature - Cindy Ransky

Welcome back Cindy Ransky! An insurance broker who's dedicated to her clients, we're thrilled for Cindy's return to our Fort Erie office.

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Local Love: The Wine Country Cooking School

As a show of appreciation, Erion President Scott Maskell arranged for the Erion team to enjoy an amazing day of cooking, eating and local wines at the Wine Country Cooking School!

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Do I Really Need a Separate Watercraft Insurance Policy?

While watercraft insurance is not mandatory by law in Ontario, what happens if someone gets injured while you are boating? Additionally, there are some circumstances where watercraft insurance is required.

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Local Love: Labatt Park

When she’s not busy helping you with your insurance needs, Erion’s Senior Account Executive at our London branch, Pam McNichol, loves catching a game at the historic Labatt Memorial Park.

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Erion & Schooner Explained

Let’s get to know each other! Ever wonder where the name Erion came from? What is Schooner all about? Why is his nose blue? Learn more about who Erion is and what makes us special!

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Local Love: Western University Mustangs

At Erion, we love to support local communities, and there’s nothing that brings the community together quite like sports! With an Erion branch in London, Ontario, we’re big fans of the Western University Mustangs.

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Free March Break 2022 Activities in Niagara

We’ve collected a list of free March Break events happening throughout the Niagara region, both in-person and virtual, that are lots of fun but won’t break the bank!

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Local Love: The Greenhouse Floral Bar

The Greenhouse Floral Bar is an eco-conscious floral shop, specializing in beautiful and mindful designs. Take a stroll through their unique shop and see what wonders you may find!

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5 Essential Tips for Enjoying Your Cottage All Year Round

Cottage life is often the best part of spring and summer in Canada. Many of us have been spending extra time at the cottage during the pandemic. In this blog, we outline 5 steps to winterize your cottage and turn it into an all-season getaway.

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11 Winter Travel Tips

Whether you’re headed to a distant land or taking a vacation nearby, when you’re going to be away from your home during the winter months, there are some essential steps you can take to better prepare.

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Local Love: Owen Millar Set to Hit it Out of the Park in Kansas

Congratulations Owen Millar! The stepson of Erion’s own Nadine Millar and a local hailing from Burlington, Owen is headed to the University of Kansas to study Business Administration and pitch for the Jayhawks!

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How a Cyber Attack Can Affect Your Business

With a click of your mouse, you can experience a cyber attack. Companies, large and small, can be attacked and it can be a scary and costly experience for a business. We're helping you understand cyber attacks and how you can protect yourself and your business.

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Employee Feature - Nadine Millar

We are proud to have Nadine Millar as an amazing administrator and receptionist with Erion Insurance. Always ready to help our clients, Nadine has enjoyed working in the insurance industry since graduating from college.

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How to Protect Your Laptop with Home Insurance

Just like all other valuable items, you must ensure that your electronics are protected in case of damages, loss, or theft. You are probably aware of warranties and special protection plans, but did you know that your home insurance can also be used for your electronic devices?

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Local Love: Elizabeth Street Pumphouse

We’re taking a look at the Elizabeth Street Pumphouse, providing both a fantastic event facility and a beautiful area to explore nature and enjoy the waterfront.

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Employee Feature - Kim Helsdon

We’d like you to meet our phenomenal broker Kim Helsdon! Kim takes great pride in caring for Erion’s customers and always seeks to keep things easy for her clients.

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Understanding Home Insurance Premiums

There are a variety of factors that can affect home insurance premiums. Understanding your home insurance can help you get the right coverage for YOU, while minimizing your premiums.

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Make Sure the Season Changing Doesn’t Leave You Unprotected

With the changing of seasons comes changes to your insurance needs. Each season has its own specific challenges and needs, and Erion Insurance is here to help you be prepared.

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Erion Insurance Athletic Performance Training Grant Awarded

We are so pleased to be awarding the Erion Insurance Athletic Performance Training Grant to Cassie Orr and Sophia Saldutto.

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Local Love: Welland Canal Parkway Trail

One of our brokers at the Grimsby office, May Danchili, has chosen a treasured part of the Niagara region for this month’s Local Love feature: the Welland Canal Parkway Trail!

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Employee Feature - Julie Whitford

As the receptionist and first point of contact for many of our customers, you may have already met the incredible Julie Whitford. We’re excited for you to get to know her even better!

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Local Love: Kala House of Colour

This month, we’re putting the spotlight on one of our favourite places to shop in the Muskoka area: the Kala House of Colour!

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Employee Feature - Kathy Wood

Introducing our Personal Lines Account Executive, Kathy Wood! A lover of travel, Yoga, and getting out for a good hike, Kathy gets her energy from the casual shot of espresso added to her morning coffee!

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Is Your Home Protected Against Potential Flooding?

If you’ve lived in Ontario for some time, you’ve likely noticed the significant change in weather patterns over the years. Have you asked yourself if your home is protected against flooding?

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Local Love: Muskoka Brewery

If there's something we've all learnt over the past few years, it's the importance of supporting local. The Muskoka Brewery isn't one you'll want to miss this summer!

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Do Modified Vehicles Break the Law?

Popular vehicle modifications can be hazardous for the driver and others on the road. If you're considering modifications, you should first determine how - or if - you’ll be able to insure the vehicle.

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Renovate Your Backyard Without Impacting Your Home Insurance

Some of the greatest memories are created outdoors. Before anyone kicks their backyard transformation plans into high gear, there are a handful of (very important) items to keep in mind!

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Local Love: 335 on the Ridge

As a family business with ideals ingrained in the community, we believe in the power of supporting local. Our "Local Love" series will feature local establishments that our team can’t get enough of, starting with 335 on the Ridge!

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5 Ways to Reduce Insurance Risk During a Basement Renovation

If all this time spent at home has inspired you to give your basement a facelift, be sure to learn the important factors that come into play!

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We’re on the Move!

Big moves are happening at Erion Insurance, and we want to share the news with you!

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Employee Feature - Anna Danyliw

Meet the newest member of the Erion Insurance team! Part of our Commercial Insurance division, Anna dove in feet first!

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8 Tips for Opening Your Seasonal Cottage

If you’re a seasoned cottage owner, you’ve probably established a solid reopening routine. But if you’re new to cottage life, things may not come as naturally ... yet!

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Congratulations Bernice Burgess!

Bernice has been an integral part of Erion Insurance Group for over a decade, and will be missed by many as she leaves us to enjoy her permanent weekend status!

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Handy Dandy Cottage Closing Checklist

Closing a cottage for the season can be a lot to handle, and in the moment, it's easy for important items to slip your mind!

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Gauthier Selected as Recipient of Athletic Performance Training Grant

We're pleased to announce the first recipient of the Erion Insurance Athletic Performance Training Grant!

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The Erion Insurance Athletic Performance Training Grant

Athletics and physical fitness have always been an important part of Scott's life. Here's how our President is giving back to the community in a year of uncertainty.

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Employee Feature - Ornella Dushime

We get so excited to share our employee profiles with you all, and this one is no exception to that excitement! Get to know Ornella Dushime!

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Employee Feature - Pam McNichol

We're thrilled to introduce everyone to the newest member of the Erion team, and your trusted companion at our new London Ontario branch!

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Switching Gears to Adjust to the New Normal

As we approach our 10th week of operating remotely, we're proud to report that our team's commitment to serving our clients has remained stronger than ever!

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The OGI Hockey Tournament Presents $5,000 to Autism Niagara

Despite the cancellation of the 2020 Ontario General Insurance Hockey Tournament, fundraising hope wasn't lost, thanks to support from the Gore Mutual Foundation!

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Preventative measures to flatten the curve

As we navigate through these uncertain times, it’s our number one priority to protect our team, as well as our clients and the public from the possible spread of COVID-19.

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Employee Feature - Christine Davies

It’s important to us that you’re familiar with the folks on the other end of the phone when you give us a call. It's time you get to know Christine Davies, our personal lines broker and trusted companion out of our Grimsby office!

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A glance back at 2019

In what feels like the blink of an eye, another year has passed us by! From Schooner adventures to hitting exciting milestones, 2019 has been a good one for us.

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Your vehicle needs winter boots!

Living between the Great Lakes has a great list of perks but come wintertime, we experience weather a bit differently than others. It's important to give yourself extra travel time, and to equip your vehicle with the proper tires to tackle challenging road conditions!

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Rebstock Insurance joins forces with Erion

We’re honoured that Tim Rebstock has put his trust in our team to provide the same quality service that they’ve faithfully offered their clients for over 100 years!

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This just in: electronic insurance cards are approved in Ontario!

The FSRA of Ontario has officially approved the use of electronic auto insurance cards! As handy as it may be, there are some things you should keep in mind when relying solely on your smartphone for your proof of insurance.

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Employee Feature - Hayden Disher

Introducing our dedicated commercial broker, Hayden! We met Hayden way back in her high school years, when she held a co-op with us before we became Erion Insurance!

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Commercial general liability insurance - explained

Insuring a business is a completely different ballgame than simply insuring a home or vehicle. As your trusted companion, we’re breaking down what you need to know about Commercial General Liability insurance!

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Dive into pool safety

Nothing beats cooling down from the scorching summer sun by leaping into your backyard pool! The carefree fun of owning a pool also has some serious responsibilities, too. We've put together our top tips to help you and your pals enjoy the pool safely this season!

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