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Employee Feature - Kate Walker

We get so excited to share these employee profiles with you all, and this one is no exception to that excitement! Get to know Kate Walker, a personal lines advisor, insurance broker, and trusted companion out of our Fort Erie office. Convinced that insurance chose her, we’re very proud to have her as part of the Erion team and can’t wait for you to get to know her just a little bit better!

Name: Kate Walker

Role: Personal Lines Advisor/Insurance Broker

How do you takes your coffee: Double double with sweetener

Favourite past time: Spending time with friends and family

Why Insurance?: I didn’t choose insurance, but I am glad I fell into it! Maybe insurance chose me?

Hobbies: Shopping, reading, concerts, local events, and you might catch me at the occasional ballet or tap class. I am also currently planning my wedding!

Favourite hangout spot in Fort Erie: I love that we are surrounded by water in Fort Erie! The Niagara Parkway along on the Niagara River in Fort Erie is beautiful during all 4 seasons. We also have great beaches! Of course Crystal Beach, but there are many others along Lake Erie that are just as nice. The Fort Erie Race Track is also a great hangout spot - catch a few horse races and a drink from the Tiki Bar in the summer!

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?: As a young kid, I wanted to be a vet. As an older, more realistic teen, I wanted to be a psychiatrist. I ended up going to business school.

Favourite, fun insurance fact: Lloyd’s of London, an insurance market that we use in our office, is famous for insuring celebrity body parts, like Ugly Betty’s smile—worth $10 million!

What is your most treasured possession?: I’m a little ashamed to say, my cell phone! I don’t think I could live without it! It helps me be connected to friends and family at all times, but it’s my alarm clock, calendar, and GPS. I also use it for “google-ing”, online shopping, banking, and keeping up with news & current events.

Have you any hidden talents?: If I told you, they would no longer be hidden!

How would you describe your job to a 2nd grader?: I help people purchase insurance for their homes, cars, and businesses to protect them from accidents and disasters.

If you could teach schooner a trick, what would it be?: Fetch coffee!