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Local Love: The Orchid Show

The Niagara Parks Floral Showhouse is bursting with vibrant hues and delicate blooms at the first-ever annual Orchid Show from March 9 to April 29, 2024. Featuring over 1,500 meticulously grown Phalaenopsis orchids, this unique show is a mesmerizing display of nature’s beauty.

Inspired by the Solar Eclipse

Drawing inspiration from the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse in Niagara Falls on April 8, 2024, the Orchid Show dazzles visitors with hues ranging from striking black and purple to cheerful yellow, pink, and white. This stunning collection of orchids is a visual treat that captures the essence of spring.

A Blooming Oasis

Springtime in Ontario can be notoriously fickle! When the temps are still a little chilly, this is the perfect place to escape into a world of floral wonder. The Floral Showhouse is a lush oasis just a short stroll from Niagara Falls, showcasing a variety of tropical plant species, including succulents and orchids, throughout the year.

Theme and Design

Step into a whimsical realm adorned with orchid moon gates, arches, and pillars, all designed to reflect the captivating theme of the Solar Eclipse. Marvel at the unique orchid varieties like Blackadder, Little Pinky, Pikachu, and Sunshine, complemented by majestic palms and other exotic flora.

First-of-its-Kind Event

Niagara Parks’ first Orchid Show was originally planned for the spring of 2020; however, it never officially opened to the public due to the pandemic. The 2024 Orchid Show is the first of its kind to open to the public at the Floral Showhouse!

Orchid enthusiasts and nature lovers alike are in for a treat, witnessing the meticulous care and dedication of the horticulturalists who prepared these exquisite blooms. Don’t miss this extraordinary showcase of nature’s artistry!

The Orchid Show
7145 Niagara River Pkwy
Niagara Falls, ON
L2E 6X8