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Top 5 reasons to go paperless

Here at Erion Insurance, we are pleased to offer our Intact clients the opportunity to switch to paperless billing and have online access to their insurance information, anytime, anywhere. If you aren’t convinced yet, we’ve pointed out 5 great reasons why you should make the switch!

1. The most obvious reason to go paperless is to clean up clutter! Rid yourself of your archived bill folder dating back to 2006! You don’t need it, we promise.

2. If everyone went paperless, we’d be cutting down less trees. Did you know that a single tree can absorb more than 10 pounds of CO2 each year? They certainly can’t if we’re chopping them down now, can they?

3. Identity theft prevention. Paperless billing reduces the chances of your mail being snatched by identity thieves. We’re basically doing you a favour by offering paperless billing!

4. One word: papercuts. Or, is that two words? Paper cuts. Either way, they are unfortunate and can be avoided. Paperless = Papercutless.

5. Freddie, our mailman, is absolutely terrified of Schooner. We can’t blame him - what’s the deal with dogs and mailmen, anyways? Switching to paperless billing means less frequent outgoing mail pickups for Freddie. Let’s have some compassion for Freddie.

To make the switch, simply contact your Intact broker or email! While you’re at it, you should also consider switching your utility bills to paperless. Let’s work together at saving the environment!