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You’re moving - here’s what you need to know!

Moving can be a very exciting time. It could mean a new beginning, new city, new neighbourhood, and new local hotspots to discover. There’s a lot to think about when you’re moving. From adjusting your mailing address on your various accounts, to ensuring that you’ve scrounged up enough boxes to fit that Beanie Baby collection you can’t seem to let go of, there are a lot of important factors that cannot be overlooked. One of those factors happen to be insurance affairs, which we - as your trusted companion, can help you with!
Here’s what you need to know when transitioning to a new home:

Home Insurance

It’s extremely important that you keep your home insurance in force until the house officially changes ownership. That means that even if you’ve settled into your new home and your previous home is empty but still owned by you, it still needs to be insured.
Keep in mind that your new home’s insurance policy won’t be identical to your previous one. Many elements come into play when it comes to your insurance premium, including the home and garage size and age, the condition of the roof, the home’s distance from the nearest fire hydrant, etc. The list goes on!


Whether you’re flipping your new home or simply planning a few “facelift” renovations, you should consider adjusting the home’s replacement value. If you’re investing in home improvements, chances are you’ll need to change the cost that you’ve set with your insurance provider to replace your home in case it was ever damaged beyond repair.
If you’re hiring contractors or subcontractors, it’s very important that you check that they are properly insured by asking for a Certificate of Insurance.
Don’t be shy and give us a call if you’re doing any work in your home because there’s a possibility that you could save some money on your insurance if your renovations include plumbing, electrical, or heating upgrades.

Auto Insurance

Now, you may be thinking: “What does my auto insurance have to do with moving?”.
There are a few things related to your new home that may have an impact on your car insurance premium. Your commute distance to work may have changed, or perhaps your new home features a garage where you can safely park your vehicle. Some of these elements could have a small impact on your premium.
Speaking of vehicles ... if you’re using a moving truck or trailer to haul your belongings to your new digs, it’s a good idea to check whether your auto insurance policy covers rentals. We’re just a phone call or email away!